WCRP - World Climate Research Programme


The WCRP encompasses studies of the global atmosphere, oceans, sea- and land-ice, the biosphere and the land surface, which together constitute the Earth's climate system.


WCRP mission

Progress in understanding climate system variability and change makes it possible to address its predictability and to use this predictive knowledge in developing adaption and mitigation strategies. Such strategies assist the global communities in responding to the impacts of climate variability and change on major social and economic sectors including food security, energy and transport, environment and health and water resources.

The major scientific objectives of WCRP are to determine the predictability of climate and the effect of human activities on climate.To achieve the objectives, the WCRP adopts a multi-disciplinary approach, organizes large-scale observational and modelling projects and facilitates focus on aspects of climate too large and complex to be addressed by any one nation or single scientific discipline.


WCRP activities

The four major core projects, diverse working groups, various cross-cutting activities and many co-sponsored activities of the WCRP are designed to improve scientific understanding and knowledge of processes that in turn result in better forecasts and hence benefits to users of climate research.

WCRP's science core projects are:

  • CliC assesses and quantifies the impacts that climatic variability and change have on components of the cryosphere and its overall stability, and the consequences of these impacts for the climate system.
  • CLIVAR’s key scientific themes are the El Niño Southern Oscillation and other models of tropical variability.
  • GEWEX observes, analyses, understands, and predicts the variations of the global energy cycle and hydrological regime and their impact on atmospheric and surface dynamics.
  • SPARC discusses climate-chemistry interactions, stratospheric change and stratosphere-troposphere dynamical coupling.


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